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Are you ready for SFTR?

Are you ready for SFTR? This session will give you a comprehensive understanding of SimCorp’s cloud-based full-service solution for this requirement. We will demonstrate how you can report efficiently, with minimal operational overhead and low upfront investment.  SFTR (Securities Financing Transaction Regulation) will introduce another significant reporting obligation for financial firms, following EMIR in 2013 […]

Datacare: Getting the fundamentals right Join this session with Zurich Insurance to hear more about why it is imperative to get the fundamentals right for an end-to-end managed data solution. Data management teams must extend their function beyond basic data operations and keep building a deep understanding of the data to be flexible to new […]

Why Cloud? Why Oracle? Why now?

Why Cloud? Why Oracle? Why now? During this session Oracle will explain how it can support customers with their most important business challenges. Emerging technologies are disrupting old paradigms and unleashing new opportunities. Oracle has embedded innovative technologies in every aspect of its cloud, enabling companies to reimagine their businesses, processes, and experiences.Oracle helps customers […]

LIBOR reform – what is it and how will it affect you?

The global regulatory community has initiated broad reforms of the LIBORs with the goal to increase confidence, robustness, and reliability of benchmark rates. The operational challenges coming out of these reforms are just beginning to be understood. But it is clear that the reforms will have significant economical impact on investment firms. Join this session […]

SimCorp Dimension as a Service

SimCorp Dimension as a Service SimCorp has partnered with IBM to continue to build and deliver an end-to-end, fully managed solution for SimCorp Dimension. This presentation will talk about the capabilities SimCorp has built together with IBM, enabling SimCorp to deliver SCDaaS, SimCorp Dimension as a Service and also about the choice to have SCDaaS […]

Collateral & Cash Management – benefiting from improved liquidity, pricing and operational efficiency via CCP cleared repos Regulatory changes have significantly reduced the ability of buy-side entities to access the bilateral repo market in order to manage liquidity and collateral needs at reasonable costs. Join this session if you want to learn first-hand why PGGM, […]

Client to Repository the SFTR journey

Client to Repository the SFTR journey Please join DTCC where we will walk through the elements of consideration and points to note when considering your SFTR Repository. From client service to well established relationships with regulators, there is more than simply reporting that you should consider when selecting your reporting route. We will bring the […]

Multi-system landscape management Join this session to learn how to reduce the system operational overhead by simplifying the systems landscape, utilizing automated processes, and providing on-demand solutions for your business. In this session, we will talk about different offerings and discuss how to leverage from immutable infrastructure, operations at scale, change management of environments, shared […]

System operations for large environments

System operations for large environments Join this session if you run large SimCorp Dimension environments and would like to get insights into how you can optimize your system operations across environments, e.g. project, test, UAT, and prod systems. Learn how to achieve benefits and reduce TCO in your system operations through: Service Platform configuration – […]