SimCorp Solutions

Alternative Investments Manager

Get a sneak preview of the new Alternative Investments Manager being released in version 6.3 and let’s discuss how it can be applied and make value for your business. The new Manager offers:

  • A dedicated cockpit to follow alternative investments with charts, holdings table, etc.
  • A Portfolio Manager overview of the holdings and performance of your alternative investments
  • A new asset entity for Alternative Investments
  • A new concept for registering customized data on your investments removing the need for storing data in Excel or another system
  • A simplified handling of transactions
  • Support for both direct and fund-based investments
  • Control of the underlying assets of your fund investments

Expert: Catherine Le Caranta, Lead Business Analyst

Asset Manager

Asset Manager is the central analysis and decision-support platform designed for portfolio managers, covering a wide range of asset classes and instrument types. SimCorp’s asset management software includes intuitive position analysis and investment-simulation capabilities, with risk and performance metrics seamlessly integrated into simulations and strategies.

Visit our demo stand to learn how Asset Manager can improve your operational efficiency, implementation of investment strategy, and overview of investment risk.

Expert: Alexandre Ancet, Senior Manager, Presales

Client Communications Manager

Research conducted by SimCorp suggests that Investment Management firms are pursuing “superior client service” as a key differentiator and strategy to enable growth, meaning that there has never been a more compelling time to review your client communications and reporting processes, including digital channels.

Visit SimCorp Coric’s demo stand to learn how sophisticated digital tools, including “self-service” reporting, digital fund fact sheets, as well as more traditional client communications and reporting capabilities can help you to establish a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging operating environment.

Expert: Ian Rees, Product Manager, SimCorp Coric

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager allows you to create, modify, and classify compliance rules as you see fit, as well as display the results of compliance checks. However, the pre- and post-trade compliance capabilities of the solution allow for more than that. SimCorp’s regulatory compliance management system shows you the status of your most important compliance metrics in a graphical dashboard and actively alerts you when a compliance parameter goes outside the limits you have set. The solution also recommends possible courses of action to resolve compliance issues.

Visit our demo stand and learn how Compliance Manager can reduce your operational risk and increase your regulatory compliance.

Expert: Mads Ibsen, Business Consultant Principal

Corporate Actions Manager

With Corporate Actions Manager, you drastically reduce the operational risk of corporate actions handling. You can fully monitor the corporate actions process with a flexible set-up of daily workflows, notifications, and comprehensive coverage of global corporate actions. You no longer need to worry about system interfaces as everything is handled on SimCorp Dimension’s single automated platform.

Visit our demo stand to hear how you can keep track of corporate action events, simplify workflow maintenance, and notify the corporate actions team, as well as internal and external portfolio managers, when action is needed.

Expert: Rolf Vikre, Solution Architect

Data Warehouse Manager

With the Data Warehouse Manager and Investment Management Warehouse well established in the market, and among the most popular SimCorp offerings in recent years, we are proud to show how far we have come.

Come and visit the demo stand to see how the SimCorp data warehouse can support all your reporting needs. We will also demonstrate some of the key productized features that either facilitate faster time to market, such as pre-defined templates to SimCorp Coric, new subject areas such as post-trade compliance results reporting, or ease and flexibility such as the ability to distribute reporting data to end-user datamarts governed by data rights to multiple target options like File, SQL Server or Oracle.

Expert: Ramesh Rabadiya, Director Data Management & Data Warehouse

Derivatives Processing

While Trade Manager is an integrated component in SimCorp’s Front Office Suite, it also provides post-trade solutions for cleared and bilateral derivatives, across a broad instrument base including credit and interest derivatives and repos. The platform also provides a single point of entry for transaction interrogation and analytics, and derivatives position analysis for accounting and back office operations.

Visit the demo stand to obtain an overview of the post-trade flow handling for OTC derivatives, covering areas such as block and allocation, vanilla trade processing, and the handling of both cleared and bilateral post-trade event work flows such as close, novation, and position netting.

Expert: Adam Blanshard, Lead Product Owner, OTC derivatives and Trade Manager

Fund Administration Manager

Fund Administration Manager provides a single point of access to execute and monitor all fund STP service activities. It helps you align back office processes in SimCorp Dimension to your specific workflows while adding transparency in regards to operational progress. Several complementary applets provide detailed control over daily workflows of individual funds, including support for dealing with exceptions. The Fund STP Dashboard is part of the Fund Administration Manager and gives an overview of as well as flexible access to the relevant data, allowing you to further optimize your processes over time.

Visit our demo stand to learn how Fund Administration Manager will give you better control of your daily fund processing.

Expert: Hans-Jakob Grimm, Senior Product Owner

Investment Accounting Manager

SimCorp Dimension’s integrated accounting engine provides an unprecedented level of flexibility in multi-currency and multi-accounting basis financial reporting. Investment Accounting Manager supports for instance our large multi-national clients who often have many legal entities with reporting requirements across geographies and financial industry segments, helping to solve complex problems in accounting and other regulatory requirements.

Come by the demo stand if you would like to know more about some of the more recent enhancements, such as accounting for trades between internal legal entities and for defaulted fixed income securities, or if you would simply like a refresher on our industry leading solution.

Expert: Mia Malm Jørgensen, Lead Product Owner

Order Manager

Order Manager provides you with all the tools you need to carry out your trades quickly and efficiently in an environment where the obstacles you must deal with are manifold. On a daily basis, you are confronted with regulatory and legislative changes, trading risk, and the explosive growth in electronic trading – to name just a few of the challenges. SimCorp’s order management system (OMS) is a responsive, workflow-driven solution that is capable of handling high volumes and a variety of financial instruments, helping you deal with increasingly disparate pools of liquidity and opportunities for more sophisticated investment strategies.

Visit our demo stand to learn how Order Manager can increase your execution throughput and efficiency.

Expert: Nick Nevens, Presales Principal

Performance Manager

Performance Manager helps you understand the outcome of your investments and provides the foundation for investment performance reporting and insight gained from in-depth analysis. The solution supports standard return, attribution, and contribution, and offers a variety ex-post risk and standard reward-to-risk measures. Fund look-through on both internal and external funds enable you to understand the underlying sources of performance, and support detailed reporting to stakeholders.

Visit our demo stand to learn more and hear how the new Factor-based FIPA solution offers a powerful framework to analyze fixed income returns in line with your investment decision process.

Expert: Jesper Steenvang, Product Owner, Performance Measurements

Private Debt

SimCorp’s Private Debt module provides an overview of all your Private Debt investments, in an integrated front-to-back and cross-asset class IBOR. It also allows management and operational processing of Private Debt investments in order to achieve STP and ensure greater operational efficiency while reducing operational risk.

Visit our demo stand to learn more about SimCorp’s newly launched Private Debt module, how it integrates across our existing modules, and what our roadmap is.

Expert: Assad Abbas Ali, Lead Product Owner

Reconciliation Manager

Reconciliation Manager provides you with a single entry-point for overview and means for resolution of all reconciliation activities, key metrics, and exception management.

Visit our demo stand to hear how we have increased the productivity and efficiency of your reconciliation activities and personnel, spanning across all asset classes, and harnessing the power of SimCorp’s Alerts & Dashboard functionality from a central, integrated reconciliation application.

Expert: Christian Sloth, Business Consultant Principal

Risk and Forecasting

Risk Analysis Manager provides insights and understanding of the risks you are taking. Not just the standard analytics, but also more advanced risk models and analytics like Value at Risk, Expected Tracking Error, and Stress testing.

At the demo stand, we introduce you to our different solutions; the Internal Risk model and our Credit risk solution where we fully benefit from the IBOR platform in terms of control and transparency and the interface solutions with MSCI RiskMetrics and Sungard APT.

Forecasting goes beyond risk models. Learn about the planned deliveries and roadmap with respect to investment forecasting in connection with Solvency 2 regulation and Accounting (Balance Sheet) Forecasting.

Expert: Niklas Salminen, Presales Principal, CIPM

Structured Products and Valuations

Due to the rapid change in financial products, the XpressInstruments module has been introduced to minimize time to market for exotic derivatives, structured products and hybrids, seamlessly functioning in SimCorp Dimension’s STP (straight through processing) environment. The instruments and the functionality in which they operate are separated, making it possible to add new instruments to an existing release independent of the usual release and upgrade cycle.

At the demo stand, we will show examples on how structured products can be designed, traded, managed and priced using the XpressInstruments workflow.

Expert: Ulrik Strandgaard, Senior Product Owner

Settlement Manager

Settlement Manager provides you with the necessary tools to improve control and oversight of your multi-asset post-trade workflow. By providing real-time dashboards, your operations management team will gain a full view of your settlement and workflow status, alerting users to errors that may occur.

Visit Alan at the Settlement Manager demo stand to learn more about how the solution can add value to your firm.

Expert: Alan Copping, Head of UK Presales

Collateral Manager

Collateral management is transforming from a pure back office function into a task that also impacts your front office, risk management, compliance, and legal functions. It allows you to measure credit exposure and determine collateral requirements, saving you time and reducing operational risk.

Visit our demo stand to learn how SimCorp is aligning its collateral management solution to the expected increase in volume by interfacing to market utilities such as AcadiaSoft MarginSphere and Cassini Systems through a transformed user interface. You can also hear from Joachim about recent developments, where focus has been on user experience and enhancing the collateral workflows with the introduction of the Margin Manager.

Expert: Joachim Bral, Global Presales


SimCorp has undertaken the commissioning of a new software development platform based on native cloud technologies. At the demo stand, you can witness the first application developed on the new platform and get an introduction to how to use the KPI Manager App with the System Performance Benchmark dataset to understand the current state of your SimCorp Dimension environments compared to your peers in the industry.

Expert: Paul Trumble, Lead Product Owner and Oleksandr Reznichenko, Senior Scrum Master