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Accounting and Fund Accounting

SimCorp Dimension’s integrated accounting engine provides an unprecedented level of flexibility in multi-accounting basis financial reporting, helping to solve your complex regulatory requirements.

Visit our demo stand to learn more about recent enhancements, or if you would simply like a refresher on our industry-leading solution for accounting and fund administration.

Application Services

SimCorp’s Application Services offering is part of our Operational Services. Visit our demo stand to find out how the offering helps you to achieve:

1) a simpler IT management operation

2) a known ‘run the operation cost’

3) a continuous improvement roadmap for running the operation

4) on-demand expertise for maintenance, QA, and configuration

Collateral Management and OTC Derivatives

Collateral management is becoming increasingly important when a portfolio manager is deciding which OTC derivatives trade to make to cover a certain risk exposure.

Visit our demo stand to learn how SimCorp’s Collateral Manager and Trade Manager can help manage your OTC derivatives trade flow.

Alternative Investments Manager

Join us to explore SimCorp’s brand new Alternative Investments Manager, which is a dedicated module for front-to-back office administration of alternative investments.

Discover our 360° view of your alternatives portfolios – from asset onboarding to transactional processing and accounting reconciliation, all wrapped in a comprehensive layer of analytics with real-time ad-hoc analysis.

DataCare and Data Warehouse Manager

The SimCorp data management product family includes the DataCare and Data Warehouse Manager offerings. Both provide a best-in-class fully integrated solution to improve data quality and efficiency, and to provide flexible reporting, while maintaining full transparency.

Visit the demo stand to see how these products can support your data management needs.

Education Services

We’ll launch a completely new SimCorp eLearning portal in 2018 to meet your SimCorp Dimension knowledge needs in the most engaging and user-friendly way.

Visit our demo stand to learn about all the new features and get hands-on experience with our new eLearning portal.

Order Manager and Asset Manager

Visit our stand to explore Asset Manager and Order Manager, both part of our Front Office suite.

Asset Manager is the central analysis and decision-support platform designed for portfolio managers, and covering a wide range of asset classes and instrument types.

Order Manager provides you with all the tools you need to carry out your trades quickly and efficiently in even the most challenging environments.

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager, which is part of our Front Office Suite, allows you to create, modify, and classify compliance rules as you see fit, as well as display the results of compliance checks.

Visit our demo stand to see how it shows the status of your most important compliance metrics in a graphical dashboard and actively alerts you about compliance breaks.

Quarterly Releases of SimCorp Dimension

From January 2019, SimCorp Dimension will be released on a quarterly basis.

Visit our demo stand to learn about the new delivery model and why it can help mitigate risk and reduce cost.

If you would like to get new functionality into production faster and with less risk, let us explain how you can have both without compromising on quality.

SimCorp Regulatory Solutions

Explore SimCorp’s regulatory solutions from a holistic perspective.

Visit our stand to learn how our solutions and services can help your firm to stay abreast of existing and new regulations, and enable you to focus more on your core competences.

Risk Management and Investment Forecasting

Visit our stand to explore how our risk solutions fit your requirements.

Risk Analysis Manager provides an understanding of your risks via standard analytics and advanced risk models with analytics.

Learn about our Strategy Manager solution for Solvency II and the Investment forecasting solution roadmap with balance sheets, P/L, and Solvency II analytics.

SimCorp Connect and SimCorp Evolution

SimCorp Connect is the central component in our cloud eco-system, managing the security for all communication between SimCorp Evolution applications and SimCorp Dimension.

Visit our demo stand to learn how SimCorp Evolution applications, through the KPI Manager dashboard, provides you with the ability to view your system performance data and to compare with aggregated values from your peers.

Performance Measurement and KPI Manager

SimCorp’s Performance Manager helps you understand the outcome of your investments and provides the foundation for reporting and feedback to your investment decision process.

Our new cloud-based KPI Manager helps you understand operational business KPIs with initial focus on system performance and trade processing.

Visit our demo stand to learn how we can help you gain more insight into investment performance and business KPI’s.

Client Communications Manager

In an increasingly complex and challenging market, firms are continually looking at ways to be more efficient and effective, and to differentiate to stay ahead of peers.

Visit SimCorp Coric’s demo stand to learn how sophisticated digital tools, including “self-service” reporting, and sales enablement can help you to establish a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging operating environment.

SimCorp Standard Platforms

Explore the components of SimCorp Standard Platforms, how they integrate into the overall SimCorp Dimension delivery model, and how our solutions are delivered by a combination of onsite and offsite consultants.

Visit our demo stand and learn how SimCorp Standard Platforms can help you simplify and standardize your core business processes.