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1. Asset Manager

Explore our Asset Manager, which is part of our Front Office suite. Asset Manager is the central analysis and decision-support platform designed for portfolio managers and covering a wide range of asset classes and instrument types.

Visit our demo stand to learn how Asset Manager can improve your operational efficiency, implementation of investment strategy, and overview of investment risk.

Expert: Nick Nevens, Presales Principal, SimCorp

2. Order Manager

Visit our stand to explore Order Manager, which forms our trading suite within SimCorp Dimension.

Order Manager is vital to ensure portfolio managers and traders can execute their orders in a timely and efficient manner with an emphasis on having all the relevant information at their fingertips.

With our unique alliance with Trading Screen, we are challenging the space to provide best-of-breed OEMS workflows to ensure your front office generates and protects alpha in even the most challenging trading environments.

Expert: Rajpal Rathor, Senior Presales Consultant, SimCorp

3. Compliance Manager

Explore our Compliance Manager; the platform for implementing investment restrictions and for monitoring and processing these efficiently and with full auditability.

Com visit us to learn how Compliance Manager can improve your coverage of and reporting on investment restrictions.

Expert: Mads Ibsen, Business Consultant Principal, SimCorp

4. Alternative Investments Manager

Stop by and discover the full capabilities of the Alternative Investments Manager; an integrated, innovative, and dedicated solution supporting key operational functions such as asset on-boarding, transactional workflows, valuation, accounting, compliance, performance, look-through, risk, and reporting.

Expert: Ross LeBlanc, Product Owner, SimCorp

5. Risk and Strategy Manager

Come and explore how you can improve your risk management function.

Learn about our Solvency II solution and the Investment Forecasting roadmap with future balances, P/L, and cash flows.

Find out how you can gain a better understanding of your risks via standard analytics and advanced risk models.

Experts: Kateryna Shurubura, Senior Product Owner and Frido Slobbe, Business Consultant Principal, SimCorp

6. Performance Manager

SimCorp’s Performance Manager helps you drill into the performance of your investments and provides the foundation for reporting and feedback to your investment decision process.

Visit our demo stand to learn how Performance Manager can help you gain more insight into your investment performance.

Expert: Jesper Stenvang, Lead Product Owner, SimCrop

7. Accounting Book of Records (ABOR)

Come and find out on how far

  • Investment Accounting Manager,
  • General Ledger Manager and
  • Fund Administration Manager

can support your ever-changing demands for producing and enhancing your reporting of complex accounting figures or (shadow) NAV calculations in an efficient and consistent manner.

Experts: Vera Bergforth, Global Presales, Director and Laetitia Metry, Presales Principal, SimCorp

8. OTC derivatives

Come and explore our OTC derivatives workflow, valuation, and analytics capabilities.

Visit our demo stand to learn how Valuation as a Service can support you by delivering accurate prices and analytics, allowing you to focus on investment decisions rather than on data maintenance and valuation processes.

Expert: Mouna Capitanio, Global Presales Principal, SimCorp

9. Collateral Manager and Reconciliation Manager

Come and learn how we support your entire collateral management process; including monitoring, electronic margin calls, collateral inventory management, and reconciliation. See how the Reconciliation Manager improves your reconciliation processes to ensure accurate data for collateral, positions, and cash.

Experts: Andreas Kunz, Presales Principal and Dorothee Jahn, Presales Principal, SimCorp

10. Data Warehouse Manager and SimCorp BI

Come and hear how SimCorp is now complementing its Data Warehouse with a best-in-class integrated business intelligence platform, SimCorp BI, which meets the increasing and more complex demands for both internal/external reporting.

Whether or not you are an existing user of the SimCorp Data Warehouse, please come by to see and hear more about our capabilities and roadmap.

Expert: Ramesh Rabadiya, Global Presales Principal for Data Warehouse, SimCorp

11. SimCorp Coric Client Communications and Reporting

SimCorp Coric is designed to help firms elevate their client communications offering. The solution delivers Client Reporting and Sales Enablement, as well as a next-generation portal.

Visit our demo stand to learn how SimCorp Coric can help you to meet the growing expectations of your clients.

Expert: Andrew Lee, Senior Presales Consultant, SimCorp

12. SimCorp Gain and SimCorp Datacare

Visit us to explore SimCorp Datacare, our data management service and SimCorp Gain, our data management platform, both offering security master and pricing data acquisition, cleansing, and arbitration. Learn how SimCorp can provide you with a structured approach to data governance, lineage, and quality control.

Expert: Paul Ravenscroft, Product Manager for Data Management and Connectivity, SimCorp

13. System operations and cloud

Come and discuss news in system operations and the architecture of SimCorp Dimension.

The news includes 3-tier architecture, immutable deployments, multi-installation operation, and configuration management. You can also learn about the benefits of getting connected to SimCorp Evolution.

Experts: Oliver Lanz, System Architect, Director and Jens Ehlers, Product Owner, SimCorp

14. Regulatory Center of Excellence

SimCorp‘s Regulatory Center of Excellence monitors the regulatory environment and defines standardized solutions, helping clients to achieve cost-efficient and timely regulatory compliance.

Take the chance to talk to SimCorp’s experts and learn how we can help you to solve e.g. your firm’s SFTR challenges.

Experts: Michael Schuler, Senior Business Consultant and Carsten Kunkel, Director, SimCorp

15. SimCorp eLearning portal

Increase your knowledge of SimCorp Dimension, anywhere, anytime, with the SimCorp eLearning portal!

Discover our new digital training offering packed with content to help you excel in your job.

Visit our demo stand to explore, test, and try out the new portal.

Experts: Licia Becchetti, Senior Business Consultant and Patricia Mencia, Senior Business Consultant, SimCorp

16. Open Innovation

Do you want to co-create solutions to industry challenges? Adopt machine learning? Engage with fintech/regtech startups? Let’s discuss!

Visit our stand to talk about how your firm could get involved in innovation to solve real challenges.

Expert: Anders Kirkeby, Head of Open Innovation and Mie Fenger, Strategy Principal, SimCorp